Internet Marketing

Traditional marketing worked well when there was no internet.
The stage is set differently now, and if you're not connecting with your customers using the marketing methods of the times, then someone else is doing it and reaping the benefits. Internet marketing done properly will outperform all traditional media marketing methods from the past.

Read why internet marketing is so important.

Managed Optimisation

Website optimisation matters more now than it ever did.
Search algorithms are constantly evolving and what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. The game is played on a field with moving goal posts. The only consolation is that the playing field is level.

Read about our seo packages that will help you hit your competition for a six.

SEO: Professional Website Optimisation

Our Melbourne SEO Company is your first choice in a strategic partnership designed to drive traffic through your website and bring you quantifiable results through search engine optimisation for organic results. We're currently offering free consultations during February 2015 so you can come to understand why your website might not be performing at its best, and what needs to be done to get you visible in Google. Our methods and strategies will work for you, regardless of your industry, products or profession. We used the most advanced, proven and safe website optimisation techniques, for 2015. All our work is done right here in Melbourne, by an experienced SEO specialist with verifiable results you can check, right away.

Enjoy more of the quality free traffic- and trust from your visitors- that comes from being on the front page of Google.
We listen to the story of your business, your customer attraction strategies and client retention methods.
You'll find that we ask many questions- it helps us to determine exactly the best seo services to use, in order to drive more traffic to your website.
Our comprehensive, precise web site optimisation techniques will give you greater search engine visibility, for a broader range of search queries- as well as the hot competitive keywords.
Ask yourself whether you are pursuing SEO for placement in search results- or to get more customers and business from the internet.

SEO 2015- the New Order of Things in Online Marketing

Further down this page you'll read more about the way search has changed.

There is a growing emphasis on content development and online marketing- almost as if there is no Google search. The robots which crawl the internet and index pages are becoming smarter and smarter- and evaluating website content as closely as they can from the perspective of a human visitor- so what you say- and how you say it, really matters.

Our seo methods to take our customers forward in 2015, emphasise a long-term benefit. We look beyond the era of one or two word searches- and optimise your website and internet visibility strategy for today and the future, not for the past.

SEO Results that Work- and Keep Working!

We optimise websites with the intention of keeping you safe from any penalties. Our objective, as your search engine optimisation company- is to drive qualified organic traffic through your website, when those people are actively searching for what you offer.
Our results work- and keep working, because we use a tried and tested series of update-proof techniques to develop and enhance your authority status in the eyes of your visitors and search engines.

Hummingbird Landed in September 2013- and Changed Everything Again

The biggest revamp of Google's ranking algorithm since their time began 15 years ago, took place in September 2013, and once again there were many website fatalities attributed to very questionable SEO methods.

Hummingbirds are fast and precise, and this new algorithm configuration mimics the real thing. It strives to produce faster, more accurate results with a deeper understanding of latent semantic indexing, and developing a better understanding of searcher intent. An increasing number of searches happen on mobile devices, and people speak their search request into the device, so the need to understand and focus more attention on, the value of long-tail search, has never been more important than it is now.

Our seo services provide you with the framework and strategic deployment needed to embrace the latest changes.

By being an early adopter, you can join the front runners in the race.

How Does Ongoing SEO Work?

A comprehensive seo services plan extends beyond the content of your web site. Search engine optimisation is not something you do once. An SEO strategy developed correctly, will have short term, and long term goals- and your business will benefit from a well-balanced internet marketing plan.
One of the benefits of seo is getting your website found through social media and industry or topic-relevant web sites, which could already be bookmarked by your potential visitors.

With social media signals making more inroads into search engine results pages, it's important that you optimise for these too. The seo packages we offer are designed to be excellent value for website owners. We can help you with social media profiles, local seo, getting found on Google places as well as help you establish a Google+ page.

A FREE Meeting With an SEO Expert

Contact SEO Melbourne Agency today, for a complimentary, no obligation assessment of your website, some free tips to get you started. If you have had someone else do SEO for you in the past, and things have not worked out, we can reverse the mistakes and get you on the right track. If your website is not getting traffic- or if the traffic is there but business has suffered, our SEO Specialist can pinpoint the problem for you, and set you on the road to recovery.

Google+ and You

Find us on Google+

Google+ is the social platform introduced by Google, and provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and businesses to interact differently to conventional social media.

On Google+, people can nominate different circles and determine exactly how much information those different circles can see. This means that there is a way to keep your interactions with friends detached from what your staff, business contacts or clients see.

You can search directly from within Google+ too.

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